A Modern Paradigm for Sustaining and Growing Jewish Community

The Kehillah Partnership of Northern New Jersey is an innovative, community-wide effort to build a stronger and more engaged Jewish community across institutional and denominational lines. Now in its third pilot year, the Kehillah Partnership (kehillah is Hebrew for community) aims to reinvigorate community through the sharing of resources, the enhancement and integration of informal and formal Jewish education for all ages, and the creation of new opportunities for the unengaged to connect and identify. By “linking the silos” and facilitating institutional collaboration at every level – between the JCCs, the synagogues, and the UJA Federation - the Kehillah Partnership strengthens the traditional pillar agencies of the community while making Jewish life more affordable and offering added value: the creation of new programs and opportunities for individuals and families both within and outside the traditional communal structure to connect and identify.

The Kehillah Partnership offers a groundbreaking approach to stemming the tide of alienation among Jews – younger Jews in particular – from the larger Jewish community and communal organizations. It promotes collaboration between all of the community’s institutions to create innovative programming; it mandates outreach to the unengaged and Jews on the periphery; it uses technology to facilitate program development, communications and marketing; and it facilitates the retooling of organizational relationships to achieve excellence in shared programming together with financial savings. This new model of Jewish community, based on a “one-fee entry” concept, offers an entirely new model of Jewish community that can be replicated, in part or in whole, in communities throughout North America.

To reinvigorate Jewish community, the primary strategies of the Kehillah Partnership are as follows:

  • The strengthening of the Jewish communal infrastructure and the encouragement of resource sharing between institutions
  • The creation of new opportunities for connections among community members and for identification as part of the Jewish community
  • The enhanced integration of formal and informal learning opportunities for all ages
  • The increased affordability of Jewish communal life for individuals and families through group cost savings and resource sharing

For a multi-media presentation on the Kehillah Partnership, please click here.